Over time I have produced a number of videos. Here they are.

Interview With A Grape

Ever tried interviewing a piece of fruit? Well, it was done here quite well (if I must say so myself). Digitally re-mastered for your increased viewing pleasure. Watch»

The 3Minstrels Guide to Stuff

The 3Minstrels use their wealth of experience to give you some general advice for life. Watch»

Death of A Magician

It takes years to become a good magician, but it can all be over in seconds. Watch»

A Walk in the Woods

The 3Minstrels are back to their old tricks; playing bad music and being eaten. Watch»


It’s arty, it’s pretentious, you don’t understand it because it’s too good for you. You can see it here, even though you’ll never understand its true beauty… Watch»


Wooden acting and spectacular stop-motion feature in what is possibly the best animation ever made by 3Minstrels Productions. Watch»

An Important Lesson

There is always something to be learnt when there are snakes and professors around. Watch»